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Mini Stuffing Machine
Mini Stuffing Machine
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Code: SMM
    Price: $0.00
    Air Compressor Not Included At This Price
    (You can purchase the air compressor for this machine at your local Walmart for under $200)
    (That way if something did go wrong with the compressor you can take care of it locally quickly)

    Mini Portable Stuffing machine
    Weight 60 pounds
    Height 20"
    Width 14"
    Length 28"
    If you are interested in a light weight and complete portable machine that can be transported from one location to another in a truck, car, or suv, then our mini stuffer is the machine for you. This machine is great if you are wanting to start your own business such as doing birthday parties. You can set it on a table or you can put it on a rolling cart or dolly. This machine can also be placed in a mall, retail store, or fairs and festivals. The weight of this machine enables you to carry it from one place to another since it's ONLY 60 pounds!
    The mini stuffing machines come in a variety of colors: Dark Blue, Dark Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Gray, Lt. Gray, Beige, Teal, and Purple.

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